Need Help Implementing Lean? 

Here are my tried and tested picks to learn and apply lean. 

The Best Lean Standard Work Book

Looking for the right lean standard work book, to help implement flow?

Not sure which is the best one amongst the myriad of choices?

In my opinion, the best lean standard work book I’ve read, is the simple but very effective Standard Work for the Shopfloor.

Don’t be fooled by it’s simple front cover and unflatteringly plain title.

In fact standard work for the shopfloor is a very powerful and effective book if you’re looking to implement continuous flow in cells and assembly lines.

It’s a part of a range of lean tools books, written by Productivity Press.

Personal Experience

Back in the early 2000’s, i as a lean facilitator within a large Aerospace firm. I was tasked with implementing continuous flow within the wide range of assembly lines the business had.

Whilst I wasn’t new to lean, i wasn’t fully experienced. And i needed a clear step-by-step guide that i could follow, to enable me to take our facility and move it away from batch and queue, and into one-piece-flow.

I searched high and low and opted for the Standard Work for the Shopfloor book, after much deliberation and reading of reviews.

I must say, i wasn’t let down when i received the book.

It’s written in plain English and gets to the heart of exactly what you need to do and how.

Within a week, i had read it a number of times and began to understand exactly what i had to do and how.

Large Payoff

The book takes you through the following key concepts:

  • The idea of standard work. What it is and how you can use it
  • The difference between standard work and standardised work
  • The specific steps to creating flow (particularly, the 4 steps to creating standard work)
  • How to apply standard work in the workplace

Once i knew this beauty inside out, i got to work on my first standard work project, just as it was prescribed in the book.

I led a team every step of the way. And through this wonderful book, we managed to transform an assembly cell which had 4 operators working a combined 15 hours overtime each week, with 80% on time delivery performance – and working batch and queue methods….


2 people working one-piece-flow, with no overtime, and 100% on time delivery – with all assembly completed in 4 days.

I managed to reduce the process cost assembling this product, by $100,000 per year.

Rinse and Repeat

Everything this book taught me, i followed, and quite soon, i was moving from cell to cell, creating flowlines. I soon got a name for myself and was offered a promotion to divisional level.

Most of this payoff came from the knowledge and expertise i gained from this book.

In fact, as a consultant, i still follow the exact steps this book taught me, all those years ago.

I literally, help my clients implement flow from a book that i bought many years ago, and still own today.

Why It’s My Pick

  • It’s written in plain English
  • IT’s designed for Managers to implement
  • You can follow the proven roadmap again and again for massive results
  • Be an expert in standard work and one-piece-flow, just by using this great little book (It’s what i did)
  • There are examples and diagrams to reinforce your learning
  • Everything you need to create flow in around 100 pages
  • Learn it over a few days and perfect the method in the workplace

This book is seriously a god-send. Out of all the books i’ve bought, it still remains in my top 5 of all time. This is due to the fact that it’s quick to learn and provides a huge impact.

Standard Work for the Shopfloor will teach you exactly what tools to use and when, to implement flow. In particular, you’ll learn:

  • Takt and how to implement it
  • Operator balance charts
  • Capacity charts
  • Operations combination table
  • work methods chart
  • Standard operations chart
  • How to bring them all together to create one-piece-flow

You can get copy of Standard Work for the Shopfloor on Amazon.

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