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August 17

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August 17

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About the author


I'm  Lee Candy

I've been implementing lean for the last 20 years, as a practitioner, a Lean Leader, Continuous Improvement Manager and also a Consultant. I've helped many companies from Aerospace, to Food wholesalers. 

I built this website to share my experiences and to help you implement the theory so it works in practice. Any questions or feedback, simply get in touch! In the meantime, I hope this content helps you along your lean journey.

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“It’s been a privilege to work with Lee on our lean transformation. Lee taught us this subtle yet powerful skill of change management, and it has allowed us to continue our quest for continuous improvement.”

Richard Jenner (Broadfix)

Lee has given us the tools to completely redefine and streamline our production process to incorporate lean principles. This has not only enabled us to give customers a better experience, but also given us capacity to facilitate 60% growth in our existing facility!

Tom Francis (Obex Protection)

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