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The Ultimate Guide to the Fishbone Diagram


Want to rid your business of repeated problems? Well a Fishbone Diagram can help. Here’s a guide to show you what it is, how to use it… and even why bother at all. What is a Fishbone Diagram? A Fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram, as it is often called, helps teams identify possible causes and […]

The Lean Audit: What (Really) Goes Into a Lean Production System That Works


Using a lean audit can help gauge where your business is, in relation to those that are ahead of you in the journey.

Is the lean audit an all encompassing magic formula?


You need to develop lean processes to suit where the problems are and what needs to be improved, specifically to your business. In fact, the real skill lies in diagnosing where the waste is in your business and how to implement change based on the current culture.