Need Help Implementing Lean? 

Here are my tried and tested picks to learn and apply lean. 

Best Lean Manufacturing Books: My Battle-tested Picks

As a lean practitioner and consultant, i’ve spent hours reading various books and testing and applying these principles across many industries and businesses. These resources are battle-tested and can be recommended without any question.

They’re what helped me apply process improvement and lean in tricky situations, too.

These books are not all the highest ticket items. They’re books that will allow you to develop your lean skills and implement effective change.

Want to know more about Kaizen and to create a continuous improvement culture? There are many books out there on the subject, but only one that i personally recommend.

Value Stream Mapping is an integral part of any lean programme. They’re used for many different types of process and business.

That’s why I’ve included my top 3 books, that I personally use and recommend. Learn how to map office processes, mixed product value streams and highly repeatable production businesses. Find out my top 3 choice of books to suit your specific needs, and to make you a master.

Creating Standard Work is essential to continuous flow quality output. I explain my number 1 recommended choice for those looking to implement one-piece-flow in production.

Lean is subtly different in the office. Most people don’t understand how to implement it. I’ll show you my choice of book that’ll prescribe exactly what to do to drive productivity improvement

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