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Lean Tools

How to Use the Pareto Rule to Highlight Those Hidden Gems for Improvement
The Pareto rule is quite a well known phenomenon. But are you using it effectively to help identify what's holding[...]
The Pull Principle: What It Is & How It Can Benefit Your Business
In lean manufacturing, the Pull Principle is an important element of the 5 core lean principles. In this guide, we'll[...]
Value Stream Mapping: A Guide to What it is and How to Use It
Want to know what Value Stream Mapping is and how to use it to increase productivity? This guide will show[...]
Why 5-Why Analysis Is Flawed (& How To Implement it Correctly)
There are a lot of people that preach 5-why thinking. I do too. There are however, flaws in how most[...]
The Ultimate Guide to the Fishbone Diagram
Want to rid your business of repeated problems? Well a Fishbone Diagram can help. Here's a guide to show you[...]
How The House of Lean Made Me a Better Lean Practitioner
In this article, I'd thought I'd share with you the power of using the house of lean model, to get[...]
Can You Pass The AUTONOMATION Test? How to Use it Beyond Production
Autononomation is a critical element to lean manufacturing. In this guide, we'll describe what it is and how it can[...]
Standard Work – Why It’s More Than Just An SOP
There's a lot more to standard work than just creating some work instructions and filing them away in some dusty[...]
The Lean Audit: What (Really) Goes Into a Lean Production System That Works
Using a lean audit can help gauge where your business is in relation to best practice.  Is the lean audit[...]
Lean Manufacturing Explained: The Complete Resource to Get You Started
Want to cut through the jargon and find something that will provide you with a to-the-point, lean manufacturing explained guide?[...]
8 Types of Waste: A Guide to Seeing Office and Manufacturing Inefficiencies
The 8 types of waste are evident in every business. Here's what they are and some examples for both manufacturing[...]
Lean Tools for Root Cause Analysis: Fix your Processes for Good with this Resource Guide
In lean, the best thing to do is to keep things simple, so here are the top lean tools for[...]

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